Surprise visits to other platforms

Zodiac Vitro for the Vic20

Zodiac Vitro for the Vic20

Although rare, TRIAD have made appearances on other platforms now and then during the years. Long gone is the steady Amiga section, but we’ve released a few goods on GBC, Amiga and PC-based C64 tools since then.

Abaddon and Bepp

Abaddon and Bepp

At the Zoo party in Finland, we contributed with the VIC20 demo Zodiac Vitro. Made for a stock machine without memory expansion, it was coded by Tao with music from Dalezy. Some serious shoe-horning was done here to make it all fit into the miniscule 5KB 2114 SRAM that the good old VIC offers!

Talking about Zoo, members present at the party were Vent, Ilesj, bepp, Tao and Cash. Also former member Abaddon showed up.

Road to TRSAC

Road to TRSAC

Also in October, at TRSAC 2017, we teamed up with Genesis Project and Digital Demolition Krew and released a neat Nintendo 8-bit production entitled Road to TRSAC, where Dalezy was responsible for the music.

It ended up on third place in the oldschool demo compo!

Back to the future part II



Time to continue the recap of happenings during 2017! Did we mention that we won the democompo at Datastorm with Neon in the previous post? I think we did – but Neon is such a kickass production that it sure deserves to be mentioned twice…





ilesj, Icon, Tao, Nith, Houbba, Abaddon, Vent and Twoflower along with Flex/Artline Design really went all the way with this demo! Close to 35000 views on YouTube says it all – but you should of course watch Neon on the real deal!





In the beginning of the summer we put out a few cracks, Galencia preview, the very rare Pengon and a neat tetris clone, Itchtris preview.



dreadA few of us attended Gubbdata in July, including bepp, Cash, King Fisher and Taper. At the party we also released the music collection Dreadnought together with The Increasing Popularity Crew, containing long lost music from Jason Brooke, code by iopop and scrolltext content by a whole line of well-known sceners.


Also in July, Vent won the graphics competition at Vammala party 23 with his Aqualung, My Friend. Then came the crack of the excellent Galencia, handled by Lynx and Tao. However, an even better game was up next – we dare to crown it the best game of 2017 eventhough 2017 is not yet over!



The game in question is of course Planet Golf from Antonio Savona/Psytronik! – trained and loader exchanged by Sailor, with some minor assistance by Taper and Quorthon. Tao crafted a brand new crackintro for the occasion, entitled TRIAD Front Intro.




In October, Dalezy took home the gold medal in the music compo at Deadline 2017 with Your intrusion is my illusion. A few days later Lynx took care of training and releasing Cross Chase.

Also in October, Vent entered the petscii screen Once I had a Friend for the plain petscii competition, which is not yet concluded.

Of course, more stuff is cooking behind the scenes, but the end of the year is approaching and we need to schedule some rest as well. That said, we will try to update here more often in the future! Actually, in a few days you will find an update covering two non-c64 releases that we made… curious? Well check back soon and find out…

Back to the Future – Part one

It’s been more than a year since we last published an update here, so it’s about time we get our act together! However, it’s not that we haven’t been active elsewhere – no less than 35 releases has made it out since then. Make sure to check them all out here.

To keep this update from being several pages long, lets focus on the essential happenings and do a bit of a fast-forward to get in sync again.




During the latter half of 2016, TRIAD released a whole bunch of cracks – most notably Die! Alien Slime+8D, Hit & Run Baseball+D (handled together with our friends in Genesis*Project), and the annual christmas release which turned out to be Pong+D (equipped with a brand new crackintro by Tao). A bunch of smaller cracks were released as well.



Sami Hedberg



Vent competed with two pictures at Psykoz 2016, with Sami Hedberg ending up at 4:th place and Pandora’s Slate at 7:th.

One more release from 2016 that must be mentioned is Sounds of the Amiga volume #4, packed with great tunes by Ne7 and Dalezy. If you haven’t already, grab this one and listen away!



Sounds of the Amiga #4



We started out 2017 with the preview of a Philips G7000 conversion, Munchkin64, while Vent scored fifth place at KozMOS 2017 with a fine Petscii screen entitled Teleport to Tuhero.

In mid-February TRIAD was set to conquer Datastorm 2017 in Gothenburg, and conquer we did! No less than 11 TRIAD members graced the party with their presence; bepp, Cash, Houbba, Icon, Ilesj, iopop, Lucifer, Mtn.buffalo, Tao, Taper and Twoflower.




Several releases were put out from Datastorm, including the two smaller demos Ohnesorg and Zoo 2017 Invite (together with Artline Designs and Extend), and a neat poster for our big finale for the demo compo, Neon.

Indeed Neon took home the grand prize in fierce competition with SHAPE and Atlantis who also sported great contributions for the event.



In addition, Ilesj won the graphics compo ith his Rear View while Twoflower secured the second place with Incarnations.

We ended February by releasing three cracks – the two GTW’s Equinox and Soda Shop, both supplied by our friends Peepo and SLC, and Slipstream in coop with G*P.

To be continued in part two…

30 Year Anniversary at Gubbdata 2016!

A week back, we celebrated TRIAD’s 30:th anniversary (a bit in advance, the exact date is the 28:th of July) at Gubbdata 2016, together with G*P who are also turning 30 this year. King Fisher, Sailor, iopop, bepp, ilesj, Cash, Tao and Taper were present at the party, representing TRIAD.



We brought out a whole bunch of releases as well, of course! First out, spread on the boards on the first day of the party, was Blaster Twins preview from Threshold Productions. This GTW is an early version of a bomberman clone, supplied and slammed to the concrete by Moloch!





On Saturday, as the competition deadline approached, we handed in our demo Monochrome. Produced by Icon, iopop, Tao, Dalezy and Twoflower, it ended up securing the bronze medal in the demo compo






Ilesj competed with his awesome Cock Picture, and ended up winning the graphics competition in fierce competition with the other contributing artists.





On Sunday, the last day of Gubbdata 2016, we also published the latest issue of our diskmagazine – Attitude #17. A lot of different content is available in this issue, including what might be the worlds fastest party report!




Also on Sunday, the first release Spaceinvadaz Extra preview was released as well. Supplied by Taper and linked by Lynx.

We hope to be able to present some party photos from Gubbdata soon as well, there were some quite memorable things taking place during the weekend!

Another bulk-update!

slimedeluTime to do a little recap of the latest happenings! In mid March we released Slime Deluxe which was supplied by Moloch, trained by Lynx and level-counter bug after level 19 in the original fixed by Tao!

This is an updated and more graphically pleasing version of Slime which we released earlier, but with the same great playability as the first outing.

Next out in early April was Ring on a String, a small but very addictive game, supplied and linked by iopop. Some might disagree, but we strongly stand by our decision not to add a trainer to this game – for us it would make no sense.

You should really give this one a go, it has that Tetris-esque “just one more go” feeling that few games can boast about.


A week later and we released SCT2D V2.0 (Spectacular Copy Turbo to Disk 2.0), totally rewritten from scratch by Sailor! This is THE tool when you need to transfer files from your Turbo 250 tapes. Now also includes Jiffy DOS support and a whole lot more.

If you haven’t already – make sure to backup them old tapes! They wont live forever you know!
In the end of April, we also released the invitation for Gubbdata 2016, together with our friends in Genesis*Project. Coded by Tao with graphics from ilesj, music by MCH/G*P and text by Taper and hedning/G*P.

Fabruary hits your screen!

February turned into fabruary for us, with two releases and one new member added to our ranks!

slimegifFirst we put out Slime, a small but neat cover of an old Commodore PET game. Repacked, built-in trainer for one player removed and trainer for both players added by Lynx, supplied by Romppainen.

Monochrome green has never been so beautiful – this game is well worth a play and especially addictive in 2-player mode.


Then we teamed up with our compatriots in G*P and released what very well could be the best game of 2016 – Hessian from Covert Bitops. Supplied in advance by Hedning and successfully linked as well as +5 trained by Sailor – who despite severe space-restrictions managed to keep it on one diskside!


We also gained a new member, MtnBuffalo, who will function as an editor for Attutide, a well-needed reinforcement of our magazine staff! Welcome aboard the mummyship!

Better late than never-update


Lack of time has again prevented us from updating this site for a while, so here is a quick bulletin containing the latest happenings.

On Christmas Eve two presents made it out; the promising game Squirm 2 preview, which was supplied by Moloch and wrapped together by Lynx – and a new issue of our diskmag Attitude! To be more precise 143966issue number 16, which contains some good reading, excellent tunes and a smashing intro from our friends in G*P! Big thanks to everyone inside and outside TRIAD who contributed to this issue!

More recently we also released an update to Spectacular Copy – Turbo to Disk, entitled version 1.2. The work was done by Sailor and this is definitely THE tool to use for 144377transfering your Turbo 250 tapes!

Reminds me I still have a rather large box with Turbo 250 tapes that needs to be taken care of! Be sure you handle yours too, before the bit-rot takes a chunk out of the data – who knows if there is something rare on one of those tapes…

New releases and member-update!

orbitalThe finnish TRIAD members were flipping floppies at the Zoo 2015 party in the end of October. ilesj ended up winning the graphics competition with his beautiful contribution named Orbital Impaler, made for old PAL VIC-II chip (6569 R1), making clever use of PAL color blending!

Also at the Zoo party, Abaddon released an awesome tune - Join the Cosmic Caravan, which came in on fourth place in the music compo.

scorchedLast weekend, we released the preview Scorched Earth. A very promising remake of the original which was a big hit for PC/DOS back in the early 90′s. This one looks like it could become an equal hit among us Commodore 64 fans. It seems to be in near finished state and provides excellent playability, so be sure to give it a go!

On the downside, on 151109 we lost Itch from our ranks, as he decided to join up with Software of Sweden instead. We wish him much luck in his new group!

More releases for the masses


About time we did another update on here!

In late August we released another title together with our friends in G*P, this time both the english and the german version of Heroes & Cowards: The Pentagram of Power (Das Pentagramm der Macht) from Protovision. Get it from your local dealer quality software dealer! This release also sports a new coop-intro made by Sailor!

As summer turned into September we released a trained version of the GTW entitled Nuclear Nick Preview, again worked on by Sailor. Big thanks to SLC and Peepo for the supply of this one! Quite a cool and challanging platform game, finally out in the wild for you to enjoy. Be sure to read more about it on the GTW site.

Then October began with a version of Sprint from Norbert Kehrer (actually it’s an emulator running the original rom, very cleverly implemented by Norbert!) which was trained and put out by Lynx and Taper.

Sprint is one of those really classic games and a living proof that simpler games can be extremely addictive. Playing the arcade original on our c64′s is way cool!

We’ve been keeping busy…

Again, we’ve been keeping real busy and released four full games during June! Considering how shitty the weather has been at least in Sweden, it’s no wonder we choose to get our sunburns in front the blue screen instead. And frankly, we wouldn’t want it any other way… ;)

4First up during June was what might very well turn out to be the top commercial game release during 2015 – Gravitrix, (c) Psytronik/RGCD. Supplied by Nith and cracked+trained+6R6′s awesome IFFL-loader installed by Sailor! If you have a local TRIAD dealer nearby or if you’re admitted to the top boards you know where to get this one. If not – buy the original (which you should anyway, because it’s such a kick-ass game!).


Next in line was Hangman’s Hazard, an extremely rare american game only sold via mail-hang5order. The game was hunted down and obtained by our man across the pond, Moloch! Sailor installed the IFFL and did the PAL-fix while Lynx handled the trainer. Documentation packaged by Taper and Bepp.

This is quite a good game well worth to play, and a GTW solved in the process. Read the docs for info on how to add a CPU player to the action!


sank4Then another very rare gem was handled, this time an adventure called Sankara Stone from the swedish firm Compro. Supplied by Yodelking/Defiers who found the original copy in his brother Conan/Defiers diskbox (he sadly passed away three years ago). A big thanks to Yodelking who contacted us and asked us to take care of this game, in honor of Conan!

Sailor worked wonders on this game. The original had an illegal track to prevent copyingsank5 and a signature (“F.O”) on the disk that the protection looked for. The bootfile(s) also set several memorypositions to specific values which were verified within the the game later on. The values were checked several times and were crossreferenced with eachother. The original game occupied a full diskside(590 blocks). Pictures were cleaned up and compressed to the memory. Now they load from the memory instead from disk. Yodelking also helped testing, while Bepp offered some additional services. More info in the scroller!


139345Last but not least, we teamed up with our pirate friends in Genesis*Project to give you Labyrinth of Crete (101% &DS &Map as well as onesided, to be exact). Again a whole bunch of members from the two crews worked together, most notably Sailor, Zyron and hedning. GRG’s IFFL loader was installed, an image broken in the original ported from the Atari version, 20 other pictures bugfixed, bug when loading pictures fixed, bug in the interpreter fixed, various small bugs fixed, 3 maps on disk pixelled by Mermaid, full documentation included as well as complete walkthrough provided. No secret that our version is vastly superior to the bug-ridden original!