TRIAD give you 2048 – the number you’ve been looking for!

2048anim TRIAD give you 2048   the number youve been looking for!In 2048, the dyscalculia in the world rises four hundred percent. The once great university of Umea becomes the one maximum security prison for the mathematically impaired.
A fifty-foot containment wall is erected along the shoreline of the Nydala lake, across the Ume River, and up along the Vasterbotten museum.

It completely surrounds campus Umea. All bridges and waterways are mined.

The Ume Police Force, like an army, is encamped around the campus. There are no guards inside the prison, only prisoners and the worlds they have made. The rules are simple: once you go in, you don’t come out – unless you learn basic arithmetic.

Today TRIAD provide you with 2048 – an essential game for those inmates wanting to leave their prison behind. Music by Ne7, graphics by ilesj, font by Tao! Conversion, code, training, brand new crackintro and all the rest by Ruk!

Play it. We guarantee you will love this!

TRIAD membership shuffles

Some membership shuffles have occured lately. First, Malmix and Pezac decided to leave TRIAD because of too little motivation as well as lack of time to commit to the c64 scene at this point in time. Eventhough output was low during their stay with us, we will miss these jolly lads and wish them all the best in the future. Hopefully they will find that spark somewhere in the future and do something on our beloved 8-bitter again.

Then we gained Motion, former member of Hitmen and Chromance, who will write for our diskmagazine Attitude as well as support and represent TRIAD on the boards! Motion joined right after Datastorm 2014, after discussing the matter with the rest of us at the party. Welcome aboard the mummyship!

Kur pelite tu tuceji

kur 300x212 Kur pelite tu tuceji

We released a quickie before the weekend was over, so go grab Kur pelite tu tuceji - a small but cute game featuring a mouse and shitloads of angry bats. Located by Ruk and trained by Lynx. Supposedly the game was named after a Latvian folksong featuring a little rodent.

Tip: Use RUN/STOP to restart the game.

TRIAD at Datastorm 2014

Little more than a week ago Datastorm 2014 was held in Gothenburg. This time, TRIAD was represented by iopopRukCa$hTaperbepp, Itch, Malmix and ne7.

triad crew TRIAD at Datastorm 2014

Our demo CONTINUUM scored second place in the C64 demo competition, in fierce competition with some of the finest groups on the scene!

On the Datastorm spread disk you will find not only CONTINUUM but also the standalone 2×3 font Modicum by Twoflower and the Tentacule picture by Vent, both included in the demo as well. In addition, find the tune Truckstop Alaska by ne7 and the picture Spacefacelift by Malmix, who both competed in the compos.

Thanks to the organizers for throwing yet another successful party!

Merry Christmas everyone!

We couldn’t let you celebrate christmas without a gift from us in TRIAD this year either, could we?

hell santa 300x212 Merry Christmas everyone!


First we send you our little christmas card entitled Hell Santa, with lovely gfx by
our newest member Ilesj, and snowfall to get you in the right mood by Ruk, coupled
with a tune from TDM.

rolloverture 300x212 Merry Christmas everyone!





Then, on this very christmas eve, we also offer you Rolloverture+3D – prepared for you by Lynx with some help from Sailor, Taper, bepp and Twoflower! Have fun playing this puzzle-platformer!

Take care and have a good holiday!

We’ve been busy…

Sorry guys, we’ve been a bit busy lately and updates here have been slow. To remedy this, here is some info about what we have been up to during the last weeks!

Tao and Dalezy competed in the CSDB intro competition and scored fourth place with their Disco Intro, in fierce competition with tons of contributions!

Then we released the smashing game Kobo64 V2 +2M 100% from Soci, well worth to spend some time with!

We also put out a mailversion of Monster Buster, fixed to work on machines equipped with SwinSID.

As if this was not enough, bepp released a new version of his handy Anim8 tool!

…and more will follow!

Oolong kicks back!

oolong Oolong kicks back!

Today we bring you Oolong preview, a good looking fighting game in progress by a talanted developer. Repacked and annoying introscreen corruption after play fixed by Lynx! Read scroller for additional info.

Post ZOO 2013 update!

ZOO 2013 turned into a great party and TRIAD was represented by Vent (also one of the organizers of the event), Tao and Abaddon! The partyplace was equipped with both a bar and a sauna (of course – we’re talking Finland here!), soda was free and breakfast and dinner on saturday very appreciated.

Competitons were held (check csdb ZOO page for complete info), and the awesome diskcover compo must be mentioned!

TRIAD contributed with tunes from Abaddon (Zootoyoo) and Ne7 (45Theorum), as well as a coop-picture from Vent and Tempest/FairLight (Just now I feel fairly light-headed).

triad at zoo Post ZOO 2013 update!Tao, Vent and Abaddon posing behind the banner!

ZOO Stream is online!

For those who couldn’t attend ZOO 2013 in Finland, watch the live party stream instead, as provided by Vent!

Soon time for all party animals to attend Zoo!

ZOO 2013 is approaching fast and the party is now only a few days ahead! For last minute visitors and interested sceners, be sure to check out the official ZOO partypage!

Remote entries are accepted, so for those eager to participate in the compos, there is still time!