New coder Nith

We’re very pleased to welcome talented game developer Nith to the mummyship, reinforcing the German section of TRIAD. We are now 20 members, most of which are active in one way or another. Catch us at the next big party in 2015!

Back from X2014

And what a party it was! Best X to date. Flawless arrangement and some great compos! This year TRIAD was represented by ilesj (Finland) and bepp (Sweden). Old-time member dcmp was also present at the party.

133970 Back from X2014Besides from knocking everyone’s socks in the IK+ compo, ilesj placed 4th in the Graphics compo with his awesome Out Run memories! Congrats! bepp celebrated his 40th birthday at the party and was greeted in the great Offence/Fairlight/Prosonix demo ‘RGB’. Already looking forward to X2016!

Helicopter attack/Hubschrauber angriff preview

heli anim 300x212 Helicopter attack/Hubschrauber angriff previewTime to go for a spin in your precious little helicopter and blast some annoying enemies! Today we give you Helicopter Attack (Hubschrauber Angriff) preview. Supplied by Dalezy, trained by Lynx, translated by Taper and NTSC fix done as a combined effort.

So, throw some juice in the bird and take a testflight!


DJ Gruby joins the fleet!

A few weeks back DJ Gruby joined up with TRIAD to function mainly as a coder and diskmag editor. You might hear some tunes from him in the future too, though.

We’re delighted to have DJ Gruby in our ranks, we’ve wanted him on-board for quite a while but he had other obligations at the time. Now the timing was finally right for all of us and TRIAD got a welcome reinforcement!

Attitude #15 released

Today TRIAD bring you the 15:th issue of Attitude magazine! We know it’s been far too long between issues (again), but it feels great to have another issue out in the wild!

attitude15 300x212 Attitude #15 released

A big thanks to all our friends in the scene who constantly show support for Attitude and provide music, graphics and other kinds of input. We really appreciate it!

Do enjoy this Saturday with a good read! icon smile Attitude #15 released

Cutting the cheese once again

We were a bit lazy with updates during the summer, so we never got around to inform you about the new version of Cheesecutter (2.6.1 this time around) that Abaddon completed. Ruk/Booze Design ported it to Mac OS X so you can download that one as well if you’re a member of the Mac-posse.

Engage charmode, begin pursuit!

engage charmode 300x212 Engage charmode, begin pursuit!ilesj and Icon collaborated on this awesome contribution for the CSDb Science Fiction Graphics Competition, entitled “Engage charmode, begin pursuit“.  Be sure not to just look at this screenshot as there is more going on – go download and run on the real deal!

d64EIC saves the day!

d64eic1 300x130 d64EIC saves the day!Today we give you the PC tool d64EIC, aka “d64 Errorinfo Combiner” from Sailor! Use this tool to combine several bad backups of one disk into a .d64 image with less (or in best case none) errors.



This is an essential tool for all of us who do a lot of backups of old floppies with many read-errors. d64EIC is here to save your day! Read the .nfo for instructions and more information!

Reach Antidote BBS on new adress

Micro$oft+Evil US courtsystem has taken control of 22 different no-ip domains, supposedly because some hosts on these domains are spreading malware.

download Reach Antidote BBS on new adress

While we are all against malware, using that logic you could very well shut down hotmail and every PC running windows as well…

Sadly is effected and can’t be reached at the moment. So, we added a new DNS pointer and Antidote can now be reached on as well. Should have been taken care of a long time ago, but sometimes those things aren’t fixed until shit hits the fan.

Hopefully the domain will be back again, so those who don’t know the new adress find their way back to the BBS too.

There is an official statement at - a lot of people are affected (and rightfully pissed) at the moment.

We bring light into Darkness!

darkness anim We bring light into Darkness!

Earlier today we released the new game Darkness from RGCD/Psytronik! Supplied by Twoflower, worked and trained by Sailor, map by Romppainen and additional help from Lynx and Taper. An extra share to Motion for fast spreading when time was of the essence!



darkipede anim We bring light into Darkness!The bonus-game Darkipede was handled as well and is included in the pack! Grab it from Antidote, other top boards or your local TRIAD dealer!